Out-of-District Fees for Certain Students Living Outside a Public Community/Junior College's Taxing District

Program Purpose

To permit junior/community colleges the opportunity to choose to offer students living outside their taxing district to pay in-district rates.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who:

  • Reside outside the district and own property subject to ad valorem taxation by the district or their dependents, or
  • Reside outside the district and in the taxing district of a contiguous public junior college district, or
  • Reside outside the district but within the service area of the district (if the individual is not in an ineligible independent school district and also demonstrates financial need).

Eligible Institutions

This exemption from out-of-district charges may be used at any public junior/community college in Texas which chooses to offer the program.

Application Process

The process for applying for a tuition exemption varies from college to college. Normally, the office of the registrar processes tuition exemptions. However, exemptions may also be processed by the admissions office and/or financial aid. The student must be able to provide the college or university with proof that he/she meets the program eligibility requirements.

Additional Information

  • Generally, student eligibility for a exemption must be established prior to or at the time of enrollment. Contact your college for additional information.

  • To read more about this program check out:

    Texas Education Code, 130.0032

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