Vocational Nursing Scholarships ( *** FUNDING DISCONTINUED *** last updated May 2012)

Program Purpose


Important Notice!

Funding for the Vocational Nursing Scholarship for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 academic years is not available. Click on Financial Aid for information on other student financial assistance that may be available.

To provide financial assistance to encourage students to become Vocational Nurses

Eligibility Requirements


  • Are Texas residents
  • Show financial need
  • Register for the Selective Service or are exempt from this requirement
  • Enroll in classes leading to Licensure as a Vocational Nurse
  • Enroll on at least a ½-time basis

FYI: Some, but not all funds are targeted to students from rural communities.

Eligible Institutions


  • Only in-state (Texas) colleges or universities may participate in the program.
  • Both public and private, non-profit colleges or universities with vocational nursing programs may participate in the programs.

Award Amount


No individual award may be more than the student’s financial need. The maximum award is $1500.

Application Process


Obtain an application from the Financial Aid Office at your college or university.

Additional Information

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