Waiver for College Faculty and their Dependents

Program Purpose

To provide a waiver of nonresident tuition to teachers and professors employed at least half-time on a regular monthly salary basis by any Texas public college or university. Such waiver is also applicable to the spouse and dependent children of the teacher or professor.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who are nonresident faculty or who are the nonresident, dependent children or spouse of faculty who are employed at least half-time on a regular monthly salary basis by any Texas public college or university.

NOTE: This webpage is intended to provide basic information for the public by highlighting requirements that appear in the Texas Education Code (TEC) and Texas Administrative Code (TAC). When reviewing eligibility requirements this exemption program, you should always refer to the relevant statutes and rules. The information on this webpage is to be used solely as a resource and does not override the statute or rules for this exemption program. It is not intended as, and does not constitute, legal advice.

Eligible Institutions

Limited to Texas public colleges and universities. Faculty and their dependents are not required to enroll at the same institution listed as the employing institution in order to receive this waiver.

Award Amount

The value of the waiver is the difference between the nonresident and resident tuition rate and is effective for as long as the faculty remains employed in the above capacity.

Application Process

Submit a statement, prior to the time of enrollment, certifying employment of self, parent or spouse as a teacher or professor in a Texas public college or university in at least a half-time capacity on a regular monthly salaried basis. Such statement should come from the director of personnel or a designated representative of the employing institution and should be provided to the Office of the Registrar of the Texas public college or university at which the applicable family member is enrolling.

Additional Information

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