Military: Texas National Guard Tuition Assistance Program

Program Purpose

To provide an exemption from the payment of tuition to certain members of the Texas National Guard, Texas Air Guard, or the State Guard.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Are Texas residents;
  • Register for the Selective Service or are exempt from this requirement; and
  • Are active, drilling members of the Texas National Guard, Texas Air Guard or the State Guard, and
  • Are undergraduate or graduate students.

Eligible Institutions

  • Only in-state (Texas) colleges or universities may participate in the program.
  • Both public and private, non-profit colleges or universities may participate in the program (no career colleges or universities).

Award Amount

Individual awards at public colleges or universities are for the student’s tuition charges (based on the resident rate), for up to 12 semester credit hours (undergraduate level) in a semester. If the student takes more than 12 hours, a source other than this program must be used to pay for the additional hours. If the student attends a private, non-profit institution, his/her award is based on public university tuition charges for 12 semester credit hours at the resident rate.

Application Process

The student should contact the unit commander of his/her National Guard, Air Guard or State Guard unit or the Education Officer, State Adjutant General’s Office, PO Box 5218/AGTX-PAE, Austin TX 78763-5218 or at 512-782-5515 or send an e-mail to The Education Office will provide instructions.

Additional Information

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