Education and Training Vouchers for Youths Aging Out of Foster Care in Texas

Program Purpose

To provide financial assistance of up to $5,000 annually to help current and former foster youth ages 16 up to 23 to begin, continue or complete postsecondary education and training programs.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Is between the ages of 16 and 21, have a high school diploma or equivalent, or is exempt from required school attendance;
  • May attend a Texas public or private college that provides a bachelor's degree or not less than a two-year program that provides credit towards an associate degree or certificate; or a program that provides not less than one year of training toward gainful employment;
  • Is at least 16 years old and are likely to remain in foster care until age 18;
  • Aged out of foster care, but have not yet turned 21; or
  • Adopted from foster care after age 16 years but are not yet 21; or
  • Is not yet age 21 and entered CPS Permanency Care Assistance after age 16. 

Youth participating in the education and training voucher program on their 21st birthday can remain eligible until age 23 as long as they are enrolled and making satisfactory progress toward completing their postsecondary education or training program.

Eligible Students must enroll in a minimum of 6 semester hours.

Eligible Institutions

The voucher may be used at any Texas or out of state public or private educational institution that is accredited or granted pre-accredited status. Most public institutions of higher education have designated a Liaison Officer to provide assistance to their students formerly under the conservancy of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. List of Designated Liaisons

Award Amount

The education and training voucher is used to cover the college's estimated cost of attendance (tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, child care and some personal expenses, etc.).

Application Process

Visit Texas ETV at or call 1-877-268-4063 to talk to an ETV Coordinator. Students may also contact the regional Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) staff to discuss eligibility and college enrollment. Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) Staff Contacts 

Additional Information

    • Achieving Success: Guidance for Colleges to Better Support Foster Youth is a resource guide for College Liaisons. It highlights recommendations of actions that colleges can take to improve access to higher education for foster youth nationwide, pledges that colleges can take to create tangible change on their campuses, and information about tuition waiver options for foster youth. The pledges (pgs. 12-13) are a start to creating college support groups on campus.
    • USDOE released a new toolkit to inspire and support current and former foster youth pursuing college and career opportunities. The Foster Care Transition Toolkit includes tips and resources intended to help foster youth access and navigate social, emotional, educational and skills barriers as they transition into adulthood.
    • Texas Higher Education Foster Care Liaisons Information & Reference Guide is a resource for the designated foster care liaisons at institutions or for any stakeholders that serve foster care students.
    • The Texas Workforce Commission has created Foster Youth Tools to support providers and stakeholders serving foster youth.
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